German provider 1&1 Drillisch gains access to Telefónica’s 5G network following key merger

Major German network-independent telco provider 1&1 Drillisch has gained access to 30% of  Telefónica’s network capacity – due to an existing agreement with the Spanish telco’s German division.

1&1 Drillisch obtained the access when it merged with United Internet, a primary European broadband specialist which operates its own Internet backbone with computer clusters at several Internet exchange points.

“The contract 1&1 Drillisch has with Telefónica states that we have the right to access up to 30 percent of Telefónica’s network, including 5G,” said United Internet spokesperson Mathias Brandes.

Ralph Dommermuth, the founder, chairman, and CEO of United Internet is a proponent of national roaming, and has urged authorities to pass regulation that would force existing players to enable national roaming on their infrastructure.

This would allow new providers such as 1&1 Drillisch, to access the networks of the three established operators in the country – Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone Germany, and Telefónica – all of which oppose national roaming.


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