Telecom Disruptors

A welcome and introduction to Telecom Disruptors – A podcast focused on sharing the stories and journeys of the people that made major contributions to creating the new communications industry.

Hosted by Alan Percy, a long-time participant in the telecommunications industry who got his start in the industry writing software in the late ‘80s that collected call detail records from switches. Later he worked on voice mail systems and fax boards. After hearing about voice over IP, he fell in love with the idea and committed the rest of his career to help bring the idea to market.

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The Podcast

Reproduced with kind permission by Scott Bicheno

Nokia Bell Labs Future Human podcast

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Welcome to “Future Human,” a new podcast series exploring the human potential of technology. Many of the innovations we take for granted have been hatched over decades, forged by an unlikely and ongoing collaboration between emerging artists and the keenest engineering minds in the world. As the science fiction of days past – self-driving cars, Star Trek-like communicators and interstellar tourism – becomes everyday reality, where will the next great ideas come from? Listen in as today’s most adventurous creators inspire their scientific peers to unleash a more connected world.

Reproduced with kind permission by Nokia CTO and Bell Labs president Marcus Wheldon.

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