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Verizon steps up cyber fight with new Threat Intelligence Platform service

Verizon had launched a new subscription-based offering, dubbed Threat Intelligence Platform Service, which aims to enable customers to better hunt and confront cyber threats head-on.

The service combines cyber-threat intelligence from Verizon’s 11-year Data Breach Investigations Report series with cyber-situational awareness from the telco’s Threat Research Advisory Center, which tracks threats across its own global IP backbone.

“This threat intelligence is delivered via the Anomali Threat Platform to offer current information on cyber-threats,” said Verizon.  These can then be analyzed by consultants from Verizon’s professional services team in-situ at the customer’s site.

“Depending on the level of service desired, they can identify threats early in the cyber-kill chain and determine the best course of combative action,” Verizon said.

“We’re taking cyber intelligence to the next level by opening up our cybersecurity data to businesses around the world,” said Bryan Sartin, Verizon’s executive director of security professional services. “Verizon operates one of the largest global IP networks, which gives us a wide view into a large portion of the world’s data traffic.”

“When you cross reference this with intelligence gleaned from over a decade of analysis from our DBIR series, it provides a treasure trove of cyber-intelligence that is hard to beat,” Sartin said. “This new Threat Intelligence Platform Service places the ability to hunt out cyber threats firmly in our customers’ hands.”


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