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Cradlepoint has announced new NetCloud Solution Packages for branch and mobile networking featuring faster LTE Advanced Category 11 (Cat 11) modems – as part of its ‘pathway to 5G strategy’.

The firm said the service packages – based on the COR IBR1700 and AER2200 edge routers – can reach up to 600Mbps maximum download speeds, “making them up to six times faster than the maximum speeds of top-tier NBN connections.”

With the new packages that include LTE Cat 11 modem-equipped routers, businesses can now benefit from faster, more reliable wireless WAN connections, Cradlepoint added.

“Delivering steadily faster 4G LTE speeds is part of Cradlepoint’s ‘Pathway to 5G’ strategy, and our new solution packages featuring LTE Cat 11-equipped edge routers give businesses a higher-speed, higher-reliability wireless option to wired NBN connections”, said Cradlepoint APAC MD Gavin Wilson.

The ruggedised COR IBR1700 is an all-in-one mobile networking offering, aimed at organisations that use their vehicles as a mission-critical communications hub for field forces, passengers, and on-board IoT devices, including police, fire, ambulance, and other first responders, school and metro transit buses, light-rail and commuter trains or mobile command trailers.

The AER2200 edge router provides a converged branch network service that supports 10 switched Ethernet ports for WAN or LAN connectivity, 802.11ac WiFi with guest portal, along with an expansion slot for a second LTE modem. The router was designed to deliver an all-in-one branch service for small footprint sites commonly found in retail, quick-service restaurants, financial services networks, temporary offices, or pop-up stores.


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