Blue IoT founder Bob Sharon named Telecom Times Staff Columnist

Telecom Times is pleased to announce our new staff columnist Bob Sharon, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Melbourne-based Blue IoT.

Blue IoT is a smart buildings and cities integrator leveraging the IoT and disruptive technologies that delivers substantial reductions in energy, maintenance and operational costs while improving, safety, cyber security and human comfort in buildings, industries, facilities and spaces of all kinds.

Blue IoT says its mission is about delivering outstanding  long term and lifecycle cost savings for office & residential buildings, industrial facilities, retail, hotels, hospitals, healthcare and data centres resulting in an improved environment for our planet.

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The firm recently launched the world’s first virtual intelligent BMS. This sits on a privately developed LoRaWAN network with Asia-Pacific’s first Class C implementation (full duplex).

Bob Sharon, who calls himself a passionate disruptor, has conducted the world’s first NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) for a data centre in 2013. Then in early 2016, Sharon conducted the world’s first NABERS Energy for Data Centre Infrastructure rating at 4.5 star, Australia’s most energy efficient data centre at the time.

We are pleased to welcome Bob on board!


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