Between July 2017 and July 2018, Telstra customers’ data usage on fixed broadband connections has increased by about 40 per cent, with the telco’s NBN users now numbering some 2 million.

“As more ADSL customers move on to faster speeds on the nbn, we’re seeing a significant data use uplift of nearly 50%,” said Telstra, adding that out of all the states in Australia, NSW led the pack in July 2018 at 71.6 petabytes, downloading and streaming its way to the top of the leaderboard.

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“In fact, NSW households contribute 30% of the total amount of data consumed on Telstra’s fixed network,” said the telco.



“The growth of 4K televisions combined with faster internet speeds means Australians are watching videos in amazing quality and clarity, creating a much better entertainment experience than five years ago,” said Telstra head of fixed products Jana Kotatko.

Telstra head of fixed products Jana Kokatko

“Customers expect their streaming experience to be seamless, and we’ve seen a strong increase in our NBN customer satisfaction measures recently as we continue to focus on this experience,”  she added.


Netflix estimates its streams use up to 3GB per hour for each HD video stream. This, Telstra said, means in July 2018, total data used by Australian households (243.3PB) is the equivalent to watching nearly 81 million hours, 3.38 million days, 112,638 months, or 9387 years of Netflix collectively.

In addition, Telstra has unveiled a range of refreshed fixed broadband plans. “To support our customers’ growing online habits, over the past fortnight we’ve given around 600,000 fixed broadband customers unlimited data allowances at no extra cost,” Telstra said, noting it now had more than two million customers on unlimited data plans and also more than two million customers on the NBN.

Other key findings included:

  • The total usage volume per household have increased by 23% for ADSL and 26% for nbn from July 2017 to July 2018
  • South Australia’s Munno Para takes the crown for the biggest data-using postcode in the nation with Telstra customers using an average of 331GB in July
  • The state that used the most data per household in July is Northern Territory at 263GB
  • The average Australian household used around 196GB (ADSL = 153GB; NBN = 210GB)
  • DSL customers use 47% more monthly data when they move to the NBN