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Huawei launches hybrid cloud service for Microsoft Azure Stack

Huawei has unveiled its hybrid cloud service for Microsoft Azure Stack at the Hannover CeBit tech summit.

Huawei IT Server Product Line president Qiu Long said the enterprise digital transformation was advancing into the greater depths and engaging more industries.

“Service workloads are increasingly diversified, accompanied by changes faster than ever before,” he added. “These factors are making higher computing efficiency and agility the new drivers for computing industry innovations.”

“The hybrid cloud solution for Microsoft Azure Stack,… solves problems caused by differences in private and public cloud architecture and greatly improves the computing efficiency and agility between public and private clouds.,” Long said.

Long said in the future, Huawei will continue to work with industry partners to continuously improve hybrid cloud efficiency and agility and jointly provide customers with innovative services to help our customers meet the computing and regulatory requirements for handling various workloads such as IoT, big data and artificial intelligence. “Together we will help our customers accelerate digital transformation,” he said.

Huawei’s hybrid cloud offering for Microsoft Azure Stack provides the same application model, self-service portal, and APIs as the Azure public cloud. This helps address customer challenges arising from data sovereignty, latency and connectivity issues and help in digital transformation projgeneral

The service offers a solid hardware platform built on Huawei’s FusionServer V5 servers and CloudEngine switches. “Powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors, FusionServer supports up to 16 data drives,” the firm said.


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