Telstra has joined forces with Lexus to start testing Australian-first Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) capabilities. on Victorian roads, with the tests including a raft of key driver assist features to create a safer driving experience.

“Basically, C-V2X lets cars talk to each other, and the environment around them, via our 4G mobile network and via direct short-range wireless links,” Telstra added.

Telstra said the trial – powered by  its 4GX network an supported by a A$3.5 million investment from the Victorian government – will see it testing emergency braking alerts, in-vehicle speed limit compliance warnings, right-turn assist for vulnerable road users and warnings when surrounding vehicles look set to run a red light.

download“This technology is proof that mobile and automotive connectivity developed here in Australia has the ability to help prevent accidents on our roads and to potentially save lives,” said Telstra Group Executive Network and IT Nikos Katinakis.