Optus Business has struck a strategic, multi-year partnership for digital network and telecommunications services with Australia’s largest private hospital group, Ramsay Health Care.

Under the agreement, Optus will deliver a suite of voice and data services for Ramsay’s facilities across Australia, serving some one million patients and 30,000 employees.

Optus Business said the comms platform will allow healthcare professionals to provide a seamless experience, designed to meet patients’ current and future needs. “Ramsay will also benefit from the Optus network which will deliver high-speed data services, smooth network migration transitions and enhanced, accurate billing systems.”

“Technology, connectivity and digitisation is transforming the way we all access healthcare,” said Optus Business MD Simon Vatcher.

More specifically, the agreement will provide critical connectivity for key areas. “Enhancing doctors’ connectedness, patient experience and hospital performance will result in a better delivery of health services,” said Ramsay CIO John Sutherland.

“Our partnership with Optus can help us manage today’s risks, and capture tomorrow’s opportunities as we continue to evolve our operations to deliver the best patient outcomes,” he said.