in the last day before the Editor managed to escape his beloved Barcelona with at least his life intact, two more attempts to liberate him from his possessions could have eventuated. One by a hapless no-hoper who caught on that i had clocked him.

The final one almost happened just outside the little graffiti-clad chapel or church just opposite El Prat Station. This one, however, did  have far better production values. Fed up to the gills and close to calling it quits (apologies for such emotional bluntness but once you perceive the limited odds afforded you by the card you’ve dealt, it becomes very easy to discard the usual niceties, discretion etc. – in other words the small stuff does not get perspirated at all anymore and one focuses on the big picture, which in turn, in my case keep getting bigger and bigger.

to be continued

Following the evasion of Action Pick pocket Numero 3, our systems are coming online as we speak thanks in no small part to our new brand sponsor El Corte Ingles Bargain Bin del PC plastic.

Hoping for normal service to be resumed manana..

More updates to follow.


PS now available one plastic paperweight, laptop shaped.

No time wasters….