Telco consumer complaints drop 12% quarter-on-quarter in steady annual decline

Consumer complaints to the telecommunications ombudsman have declined by 12% in the most recent quarter among participating service providers, according to the Communications Alliance Complaints in Context report.

The latest figures show a decline in complaint ratios over the last quarter and continuing year-on-year reductions.

Complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) as a proportion of services in operation (SIO) for service providers who participate in the report decreased to 6.6 complaints per 10,000 services for the period April – June 2019, and is the lowest rate for the April – June quarter since 2016.

The last 3 quarters reported have been the lowest rate since their equivalent 2016 quarter (except October – December, which was the lowest rate since 2015), showing ongoing progress in improving customer service over the last three years.

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Communications Alliance CEO John Stanton said the continuing decrease in the rate of TIO complaints reflected improvements in experience for customers of participating providers.

“This ongoing progress will be enhanced with the commencement of Communications Alliance’s revised Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code on 1 August, which includes increased protections for consumers,” he said.

“In addition to stronger selling practices, stricter credit assessment, and increased financial hardship provisions, the revised TCP Code will expand our quarterly Complaints in Context report to the top 10 providers who received the most TIO complaints last year, in addition to any volunteers.”

“To this date, all participants have been volunteers, and we appreciate their ongoing participation in this valuable report,” Stanton added.

“We look forward to publishing the first expanded Complaints in Context report in October, reporting on the July – September quarter. This contextualised data will be helpful for consumers.”


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