Kacific picks Newtec’s VSAT suite to push APAC satellite broadband coverage

Singporean satellite operator Kacific has selected Belgium-based satellite comms manufacturer Newtec ‘s VSAT multiservice platform for its new high throughput satellite to expand its broadband service delivery to cover underserved areas of South East Asia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

The initial contract is for $US10 million of Newtec Dialog hubs, with Kacific expecting this to lead to further terminal procurements amounting to several million in the first years of service.

“Kacific1 will deliver affordable, high-speed internet broadband to telecommunications companies, ISPs and governments throughout the region, with Newtec’s return technology capability providing the highest possible bandwidth efficiency,” said Kacific.

Newtec Dialog, a single-service and multiservice VSAT platform, allows operators and service providers to build and adapt their infrastructure and satellite networking in line with their particular business.

Kacific founder and CEO Christian Patouraux tipped Kacific’s own HUB, which is based on Newtec’s  Dialog  platform, as a key component of the satellite network, flagging Newtec’s ability to provide the high link efficiencies required by Kacific’s Ka-band spotbeam system.

“We have also been very impressed with other unique features offered by Newtec such as the Satellite Network Calculator, which enables us to tailor new services in a very efficient and fast-to-market manner, which will only help ensure the reliability and enhance the quality of our services to our customers,” Patouraux said.

The Kacific1 satellite features 56 high power subscriber spot beams, each with the capability to provide targeted capacity at high speeds. Kacific said its services enable access to high demand applications, such as community internet access and mobile backhaul.

“Public institutions will benefit from dedicated services including healthcare, education and civil defense, in areas that are beyond the economical reach of terrestrial infrastructures in most of Kacific’s coverage areas,” said the satellite operator.

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