Ciena supplies WaveLogic Ai optical tech to Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, the telco’s international wholesale division, has deployed Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai coherent optical service in a bid to bolster bandwidth offerings and reach longer distances across its network.

“Technology changes very fast with new trends and services emerging constantly in the digital era.” said Deutsche Telekom head of carrier enterprise services Bertold Frech.

Deutsche Telekom customers will be able to access  a more adaptive network with larger bandwidth and lower latency by point-of-presence consolidation and signal regeneration elimination.

“Most of these trends have the need for high capacity, high performance connectivity in common, which is the foundation for many of these new digital services,” he added.

The agile optical infrastructure is based on Ciena’s 6500 packet-optical platform powered by WaveLogic Ai, a programmable coherent modem that can scale to 400 Gbps per wavelength.

“It enables Deutsche Telekom to reach longer distances, deliver end-to-end optical services and achieve finer connectivity granularity for carriers and internet content providers throughout Europe,” said Ciena.

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