The final part of our Q&A with 8×8 Chief Product Officer Dejan Deklich


Telecom Times  How is the firm tracking in ANZ and how does that compare with its operations in APAC more broadly?

Dejan Deklich   We continue to expand on our initial success in A/NZ and to-date have more than 200 customers with over 60 added in the past seven months. We are seeing an increase in demand for our cloud services which are 100 per cent native cloud with no infrastructure requirements on any site.

The APAC region, more broadly, is a work in progress off the back of success in Australia and New Zealand. We have numerous customers throughout the Asia region with support centres in both Singapore and the Philippines.

Our partners in A/NZ are experiencing steady growth in revenue as they are able to service their customers better, utilising both our unified communications and contact centre solutions, including collaboration and analytical tools, for business, IT and network functionality.

Telecom Times  Can you nominate some near-term goals for the firm in ANZ and globally?

Dejan Deklich Australia and New Zealand form the corner stone for our entry into the Asia Pacific region as a whole. Our near-term goal is to build a successful operation in A/NZ and then expand into the greater APAC region.

We have added numerous headcount in the A/NZ region in the past four months and we now have the right resources in place to better service the A/NZ region. At a global level, we will focus on the Telecom adoption of X Series which is built to transform enterprise communications as a whole.

Telecom Times   Why do you think this location of Silicon Valley has proved to be such a hotbed of innovation and technological progress?

Dejan Deklich  The Valley has an entrepreneurial and VC culture that empowers and enables you to execute on your big idea.

Whether it’s the world’s best search engine, the iPhone that disrupts major industries, electric or driverless cars or the next generation enterprise engagement solution, Silicon Valley has been the birthplace for many such disruptive technologies.

[It’s] because of the top-notch tech talent it attracts, the entrepreneurial culture and a passion to build something great that people would like to use.

At 8×8, we have built a collaborative culture where each one of us is empowered to question status quo and push the limits on how we innovate cloud communications.