Fujitsu eyes government digital shift opportunity with new ‘Protected Cloud’

Fujitsu has released its ‘Protected Cloud’ service, a software-as-a-service offering aimed at government agencies seeking to complete digital transformation in a secure cloud technology environment.

Fujitsu said it’s working with Vault to deliver the service which includes infrastructure-as-a-service, backup-as-a-service and government desktop-as-a-service.

The service portfolio – which meets the controls of the Australian Signals Directorate’s Information Security Manual – will be delivered from a government-only protected cloud environment, offering enterprise productivity, a high degree of data security, governance and business functionality.Fujitsu_MFoster_200x250_tcm98-874854

“With government agencies aggressively adopting cloud-first strategies, security has been a key concern,” said Fujitsu ANZ CEO Mike Foster. “The… Protected Cloud solution addresses those security concerns and delivers increased workforce adaptability and mobility.

Foster said digital transformation investments to date had been focused on customer-facing initiatives.

“Meanwhile, employee-facing systems are ripe for transformation,” he added. “Fujitsu’s Protected Cloud initiative offers a way to meet sophisticated operational demands while future-proofing government infrastructure against ever-evolving business needs and technology offerings.”

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