Deutsche Telekom, Dekra join forces for 5G smart mobility, V2V connectivity trials

Deutsche Telekom has struck a strategic partnership with Stuttgart-based vehicle inspection specialist Dekra, to develop a 5G smart mobility testbed aimed at trialling future smart city traffic management systems and vehicle-to-vehicle communication capabilities.

The 5G testbed will be located at the Lausitzring testing and race-track facility at Dekra’s Technology Center. The Lausitzring test area for connected and automated driving covers an area of around 545 hectares and recreates urban, country, and highway road conditions.

“By equipping the Lausitzring with our 5G infrastructure, we and our partner Dekra are offering industry the perfect testing environment for developing new, future-oriented services,” said the telco’s director for business customers Hagen Rickmann. “This applies to the requirements on the part of the automotive industry in moving toward autonomous driving, and also to intelligent traffic control as part of smart city projects. Together, we are paving the way toward safe and efficient mobility in the future.’

In addition to the 5G infrastructure provided by Deutsche Telekom, the testbed will include a range of other key new smart mobility technologies. These include Edge Computing, Precise Positioning, and C-V2X, which is based on LTE and supports wide area communication over mobilw networks to connect vehicles to each other, to roadside infrastructure, and to other road users.

Rickmann noted that mobility is already playing a greater role in our society than ever before, adding that the global smart mobility market is tipped to grow at a CAGR of 19.9 percent, with the US, Canada, the UK, China, Spain, and Brazil leading the way on adoption of smart mobility tech.

Other emerging countries set to position themselves as primary markets for smart mobility technology take-up include France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, and South Korea.


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