Cisco names Google’s Vijoy Pandey as its new Service Provider CTO

Cisco has appointed former Google engineer Vijoy Pandey as its new Service Provider CTO.

Vijoy joins Cisco from Google where he headed engineering for that company’s data center, cloud and WAN networks, developing software systems for intent-driven automation, diagnostic telemetry, data analytics and application-level awareness.

“He has deep expertise in cloud, virtualization, and automation, which are the keys to the future of our industry,” said Cisco in a statement.

Pandey served in numerous CTO capacities including CTO of Cloud Networking at IBM Cloud; CTO of Networking and Distinguished Engineer at IBM Systems and Software Group; and CTO of Blade Network Technologies.

“Vijoy has led the industry’s automation and data analytics efforts for cloud-scale networks, and was instrumental in delivering many industry firsts – including the first Open Source SDN controller OpenDaylight project; the first VM-aware switch, and the first low-latency HFT/HPC switch,” Cisco added.


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