Nutanix nabs enterprise cloud deal with Swinburne University of Technology

Enterprise cloud computing specialist Nutnix has picked up a contract with Melbourne’s Swinburne University of Technolog to help it build and manage a hybrid cloud, in a bid to axe time-consuming and administrative tasks for the university’s IT team and final year students.

Nutanix noted that Swinburne has a curriculum that focuses and relies heavily on technology. “The IT team at the university needed a way to deliver easy-to-use IT services to the students with a behind-the-scenes infrastructure that enabled them to scale and automate those services,” it added. “With the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software, the self-service portal works like an application store, where students may browse, choose and deploy the IT solution they need for their final year projects, including complex mobile application development programs, with a single click.”

In addition, the students are able to take advantage of other automated services, such as quickly procuring more storage when they need it. Behind the scenes, the university’s IT team uses Nutanix Calm to automate these processes and also migrate workloads and apps between cloud environments.

“With Nutanix, Swinburne spends less time on provisioning services and the students themselves are more satisfied with IT support and productive in their studies,” said the firm. “Other benefits Swinburne achieves with Nutanix include better security, increased performance and IT vendor consolidation.”

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