Macquarie Telecom has signed a deal with Western Australian fresh food and farming company Spudshed, to implement SD-WAN services to 24 retail and farming sites across the state.

Owned and operated by the Galati Group, Spudshed employs some 900 people and operates eight stores, and owns about 1,000 hectares of farmland throughout WA.

“Everyone should be able to afford healthy produce at a good price and that’s what drives us,” said Galati Group CEO Frankie Galati. “A major part of that is understanding what the customer wants and making decisions in real time based on this information. The network transition to SD-WAN will provide a secure, stable and reliable platform to achieve that and support more cloud services.”

If one link goes down, the system automatically switches to a new link or a set of links in a matter of milliseconds to ensure everything keeps running and the user experience is unaffected. Intelligently switching between links also ensures optimum speed and efficiency at all times.

“We’re opening about one new store every year, and it’s important that we invest in the right technical resources to sustain that growth,” Galati said.

 The company will also use Macquarie’s SD-WAN orchestrator to get better control over applications and websites being used. This will reduce strain on its networks and further optimise speed and performance by prioritising the most important workloads.

 “The business understands how technology can help achieve that and is making smart decisions in the digital services and applications it implements,” said Macquarie Telecom Group Executive Luke Clifton.  “I’ve no doubt that passion for great customer service is helping Spudshed to continue its impressive growth, even in the face of increased competition from large retailers and the post-mining boom downturn WA is enduring.”

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