Mivatek opts for new name, business model

US mobile-cloud video-IoT specialist Mivatek Smart Connect is changing its trade name to Miotta, effective January 1, 2019.

The new name Miotta stands for Mobile IoT Territorial Autonomy, as the company expands into PaaS and SaaS technology.  Previously gearing its platform towards the B2C video-verified security and safety market, as well as producing a number of connected smart devices (sold direct to consumer), Miotta will now provide internet/cellular service providers, system integrators, and brand owners with multi-site smart home, business, and community safety/protection services.  These systems will feature critical call-center assistance and video collaboration.

The autonomous premises PaaS and SaaS mobile-cloud can also be used for Data Analytics, AI, Mobile-Push, and Brand Relevancy, helping companies gain customers’ premises data awareness, and increased business.  

In addition, Territorial Autonomy allows for the management of multiple premises under one app.

The Miotta mobile-cloud can also serve multifaceted ‘Smart’ entities, including Smart Homes, Smart Wellness, Smart Business, and even Smart Communities.  Recent deals with Asia-Pacific Telecom in Taiwan, and the Sha Maison Retirement Community in Chiba, Japan, are perfect examples of these applications. 

Sha Maison used Miotta turnkey PaaS and SaaS for Concierge-Managed Smart Community Projects providing connected wellness, protection and peace-of- mind service to its residents.  It is the first battery-powered, Wi-Fi based Smart Community system in Japan, and has helped turn each of the community’s 1,000 units into “smart units”: all units, as well as all common areas in the community, now feature Wi-Fi connected video, security, safety, and independent living devices for video-verified collaborative protection, control, and wellness. 

Miotta’s mobile-cloud Video-IoT PaaS and SaaS runs Asia Pacific Telecom’s (APT’s) Home Guardian program – a connected premises program available to APT’s 2.6 million cellular customers.  The turnkey mobile-cloud allows APT to offer call-center assisted multifaceted RMR (recurrent monthly revenue) service, increase ARPU (average revenue per user), enhance premise awareness, and achieve brand relevancy.

Mivatek CEO Joe Liu

According to Joe Liu, CEO of Mivatek, “Our mobile-cloud can auto-setup, -aggregate, and -provision multi-sites’ connected devices seamlessly.  It will also allow our customers to offer autonomous local premises protection across multiple sites, along with easy-to-access, global management capabilities.  Plus, the turnkey nature of our PaaS and SaaS mobile-cloud will make for a fast and easy implementation.”    

The company has kicked off the name change on all of its corporate materials, its website, and all social media platforms. 

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