Hitachi adds end-to-end container support, new service classes to managed cloud suite

Hitachi Vantara – a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi – has expanded its Enterprise Cloud portfolio of managed private and hybrid cloud ‘as-a-service’ offerings, including new options for deploying cloud-native application environments.

The firm said the new services were designed to speed up data center modernisation and help customers achieve the maximum value of its technology through outcome-based services.

Hitachi billed its Enterprise Cloud Container platform is the first pre-engineered as-a-service offering to provide a public cloud for organisations using data services, DevOps and microservices architectures on premises.

“The platform has added ability to deploy and orchestrate across public-cloud end points.,” Hitachi said. “The HEC portfolio now supports cloud-native applications and distributed data services with the HEC Container Platform as well as VMware virtualised applications and bare metal applications with the existing HEC with VMware vRealize.”

“Both are delivered as fully managed, pay-per-use environments and their service catalogs can be consolidated as a single solution that provides both capabilities,” it said.

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