Centrify moves to protect US 2018 midterm elections from cyber attacks

Centrify has announced an industry-first high tech leadership campaign, aimed at  securig the voting public during the 2018 US midterm congressional elections.

Centrify is offering to provide US state, county, and city Election Boards and officials with the protection of its Next-Gen Access suite at no cost for the first eight months of a 12-month or longer SaaS subscription – covering this year’s congressional and gubernatorial elections.

Centrify’s offer came as the Australian Government revealed that hundreds of Australian companies had been targeted last year by suspected Russian state-sponsored cyber attacks that affected millions of machines worldwide.

Centirfy said that, in addition,  a US ’60 Minutes’ report, titled When Russian Hackers Targeted the US Election Infrastructure, had shown that the main target in the 2016 US election was election boards, and that up to 90,000 voter records were compromised.

Centrify CEO Tom Kemp said US democracy was under attack. “There is mounting concern that the 2018 midterms could result in more cyber assaults on election systems than in 2016,” he said. “It is incumbent upon us to protect our citizens’ information, which starts with voter registrations and election integrity. In order to secure the vote, Election Boards need to protect their election systems, and more importantly, sensitive voter registration information against bad actors.’

“That starts with adopting a new mindset that compromised credentials are the main attack vector,” Kemp said.

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