Cisco illuminates ‘WAN blind spot’ with new analytics and assurance services

Cisco has unveiled a raft of new innovations, aimed at bringing visibility to what it classed as "IT’s biggest blind spot: the wide-area network."
Cisco, which announced the new services at its LIve event in Melbourne, said the WAN, made up of disparate networks outside of the control of IT, connected employees to applications, irrespective of those staff members’ locations.
"We have set an ambitious goal for ourselves of transforming the entire network, from campus to branch, data center to edge,” said Cisco Enterprise SVP. “The WAN is a vital part of the network and is one of the toughest to manage."
"As we bring insight into the WAN with these new innovations, we get closer to delivering end-to-end intent-based networking to help our customers eliminate downtime and save money, added Hamill.”
Cisco’s SD-WAN vAnalytics offering provides IT with visibility, forecasting for applications and bandwidth planning, ‘what-if’ scenarios, along with actionable recommendations.
Its MerakiTM Insight service allows IT administrators to optimize the end user experience by delivering valuable understanding into WAN and software-as-a-servicea application performance, significantly reducing the time it takes to isolate and resolve issues.
It said that the fragmented nature of the WAN meant that IT often was limited ability to specifically determine problems and get real-time information. "Now, Cisco is helping IT by providing the capability to forecast WAN problems before they happen, while quickly isolating and fixing issues when they do occur," the vemdor added.
The firm said that during g the past few years, the rise of multi cloud IT environments had exacerbated the traditional complexity of the WAN, in turn magnifying its challenges. "A recent IDC study (Worldwide SD-WAN Survey Special Report September 2017) discovered that almost 3 out of 10 organizations considered network outages to be a top WAN concern, with the same number stating they need better visibility and analytics to manage application and WAN performance," it said.
Part of the firm’s push towards intent-based networking, Cisco said it would drive this "network revolution to the WAN."

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