Wavecell picked as official WhatsApp business services provider

Singapore-based cloud communications provider Wavecell has been selected as an official solutions provider for the WhatsApp Business product.

WhatsApp Messaging, billed as a primary tool to talk to anyone in the world, has some 1.5 billion users. “WhatsApp Business enables brands to engage and support their customers, focusing on the channel where they want to be reached,” explained Wavecell.

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“By providing… clients with early access to the WhatsApp Business product – using Wavecell’s agnostic Chat Apps services – businesses are able to rely on a single API to seamlessly manage communications between WhatsApp Business and other channels automatically,” said Wavecell.

“Wavecell has been fully focused on providing a multichannel cloud communications platform for businesses, serving diverse verticals,” said Wavecell CEO and co-founder Olivier Gerhardt, adding that innovative businesses are always seeking to provide a richer customer experience.

Use cases

Wavecell noted that the WhatsApp Business product can be used for the following use cases:

eCommerce retailers can use the WhatsApp Business product for customer support discussions, delivery notifications and more.

Banking and finance firms can use WhatsApp Business product for secure alerts, warnings and urgent communications.

WhatsApp Business can be used for travel businesses to communicate rich content such as new boarding passes, real-time flight rescheduling updates or travel confirmations.

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