Vodafone, one of Germany’s four main mobile operators, has announced the launch of 5G Beam technology in the country.

The technology – which is slated for commercial deployment by year’s end – should increase the maximum download and upload speed available to Vodafone’s customers as well as boost the overall capacity of its network.

“Innovation means progress. With the 5G Beam technology, we are now bringing a new innovation into the country and making it available to our customers in everyday life,” said Vodafone Germany Technology MD Eric Kuisch. “Our networks are already ready for 5G.”

The telco’s 5G Beam technology utilizes 128 small antennas that are intelligently arranged to direct signals towards where mobile customers are situated. The company developed it in partnership with Ericsson and successfully tested it earlier this year in Ireland, achieving 15 Gbps speeds.

“5G will be transformative in areas like robotics, smart manufacturing and, in particular, in cars that will receive real-time information,” said Vodafone Ireland CTO Madalina Suceveanu at that time.

Those in rural areas will be among the first to benefit from the 5G Beam technology. Vodafone plans to start offering the service on a commercial basis later this year in conjunction with its GigaCube router, which is really the Huawei B529 with a different name attached to it.

The hope is to use the 5G Beam technology as a substitute for slower DSL connections, the access technology on which many Germans living outside large metropolitan areas rely.

To make its 5G offering more attractive, Vodafone has recently improved the data plan for its the Gigacube router, offering four times as much data than before, 200 GB, and a maximum data rate of 300 Mbps.

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