Australian tech startup Unlockd has welcomed the decision by the English High Court to grant an interim injunction to prevent Google from disabling AdMob-generated advertising content and removing Unlockd apps from the Google Play Store in respect of Unlockd’s UK business.

Last month, Unlockd took out an injunction with the UK High Court against Google’s AdMob, in a bid to prevent the internet company from implementing the measures.

“Unlockd’s legal counsel has confidence that the threats made by Google to withdraw access and the supply of services in respect of Google Play and AdMob represent an abuse of its dominant position and breach of competition rules,” the firm which was founded in Melbourne in 2014, said at that time.

According to a statement released by Unlockd today, the Court also accepted the need for an expedited trial date, to be handed down on Monday in a follow-up hearing, with an anticipated date of either end of July or September.

“Despite this positive ruling, the limited scope of the interim injunction is disappointing and we will continue to explore our legal options to protect our interests fully, both in the UK and globally,” the firm said. ‘However, we would not expect Google to take unilateral action against our other businesses in Australia and the US in circumstances where the Court has made a clear order in the UK preventing such action.

“The Court’s decision to grant an interim injunction and order an expedited trial date validates our strong stand to protect our business, our partners and 330,000 active users to whom this threat could cause irreparable harm and disruption,” said Unlockd.

Unlockd offers a platform that allows users to benefit from returning values in exchange for their attention.

“We are confident that we will demonstrate at trial that our case represents a further example of anti-competitive conduct on the part of Google, toward innovative start-ups such as ourselves that might pose a future threat to their dominance in the market,” it said.