Twilio beefs up artificial intelligence capabilities with new Google Cloud Contact Centre AI integration

San Francisco based cloud communications specialist Twilio has announced a new collaboration with Google Cloud to integrate the Contact Center AI service into its Flex contact centre platform, bolstering its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.
Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI service combines multiple AI products to improve the customer service experience, as well as the productivity of contact centres.  
0 (3)“Every company has a need to communicate with their customers and, for most businesses, this interaction is handled by the contact centre,” said Al Cook, head of Twilio Flex. 
“AI has the potential to improve the effectiveness of the contact centre dramatically and make those human interactions more impactful.”
“We’re excited to support Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI within Flex and, in turn, give developers greater choice as they work to deliver better experiences for their customers,” Cook added.
Specifically, Google Cloud Contact Center AI is made up of three products:
  • Virtual Agent – a conversational AI bot that uses an enterprise’s knowledge base and back-end processes to speak with customers
  • Agent Assist – passes customer to live agents if needed and suggests answers to agents based on previous interactions
  • Analytics – uses enterprise data and knowledge to train how virtual agent and agent assist products serve customers
Twilio, which offers developers an agile platform to build intelligent, next-generation customer experiences, said that the collaboration allowed Twilio Flex customers to use a virtual agent that can resolve a range of customer issues and, if required, transfer customers to a live agent with access to suggested responses based on previous interactions.
“These kinds of intelligent conversations enable enterprises to streamline their contact centre teams and ultimately resolve customer inquiries more quickly and effectively,” it added.

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In addition, Twilio has simplified integration between  its Programmable Voice platform and Google’s Dialogflow capability – allowing developers to build automated AI-driven conversational user interfaces and voice bots.

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