Telstra Broadcast Services has expanded the reach and scale of the telco’s Global Media Network (GMN) in Europe, beefing up its partner ecosystem to include GlobalConnect, TDF Group, NEP, MTI Teleport Munchen and SIS Live – with more partners due to join by year’s end.

The expansion is part of Telstra’s strategy to grow its position across the European continent and help businesses expand, particularly into the Asia-Pacific region.

The expanded network, which includes existing partners The Switch and AT&T, will now deliver seamless feeds across Europe, the UA and – Asia connected by fibre enabling the delivery of new services such as Ultra HD and 4K.

According to Telstra, GMN embeds native connection with satellite and teleports facilitating the inclusion of remote places worldwide to some 2,500+ end points including:

–          1,000 customers – media and sports companies USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia

–          1,500 venues including many of the top sports and entertainment venues in US, UK, Europe and Australia

–          10 Teleports

Telstra will provide international connectivity through its worldwide network built on a four fibre system with 99.999% availability leveraging GlobalConnect, TDF Group, NEP, MTI Teleport Munchen, SIS Live, The Switch, AT&T, Softbank, Nexion, PCCW, Starhub and China Unicom networks that will deliver local distribution to end-points in Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, UK, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

“This expansion will open international markets to the customers of Telstra’s partners who will be able to acquire and distribute content across national boundaries allowing a new customer and viewer experience,” it said.

“Rights holders and right owners across the globe will benefit from a simple, global and seamless solution for content distribution allowing them to create new revenue streams in a more efficient and faster way,” said Telstra head of Broadcast Services Trevor Boal. “Telstra is now uniquely positioned to help our customers reach new geographic regions and new audiences, as well as bringing back international content to home audiences.”

Boal said Telstra had significant strength in Asia, due to its network which serves up to 30 per cent of  that region’s internet traffic.

“This, combined with a solidified European presence with investments in two new Points of Presence in Paris and Frankfurt, in addition to a new office in Paris, means we are distinctively positioned as a value adding service provider for rights holders and broadcasters,” he said.

Additionally Telstra has invested in new media sales, solutions architecture and delivery capability over the past year in Europe. Together with the new European partners, Telstra’s GMN includes international partners in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.