Telstra is leading the pack for 4G upload speeds in Australia, according to OpenSignal’s latest data – averaging 10.6 Mbps, followed by Vodafone with 7.8 Mbps and Optus on 6.8 Mbps.

“Telstra’s victory is impressive since Vodafone dominated our download speed awards in our latest Australia report,” an OpenSignal spokesperson told Telecom Times.

The London-based mobile coverage mapping specialist explained that LTE upload and download are typically linked to total network capacity, “meaning we would expect operators with faster download speeds to have faster upload speed.”

The firm also noted that upload speeds are becoming an increasingly important metric as mobile internet trends move away from downloading and consuming to uploading and creating content.

“While operator upload and download speeds aren’t dependent on each other, they’re both linked to a network’s total capacity, so we would generally expect to see a correlation,” OpenSignal added.

Opensignal said upload speeds were typically slower than download speeds, as current mobile broadband technologies tend to be focused on providing the best possible download speed for users consuming content.

Its latest Mobile Networks Update report on  Australia found that all three national operators averaged more than 33 Mbps on 4G download speeds.

“Australia’s national average 4G download speed of 36.1 Mbps is among the top 10 of the countries we analysed, and over double the global average in our measurements,” the spokesperson said.

“Telstra was only a couple of megabits behind Vodafone’s average 4G download speed in our last report, and has significantly beat its rival in 4G upload,” she said.