Telstra eyes 5G opportunities beyond mere connectivity supply

Telstra CEO Andy Penn has talked up some specific benefits and opportunities around the imminent rollout of 5G, beyond merely focusing on the telcos traditional remit of delivering connectivity and bandwidth capacity.

At Telstra’s recent Vantage tech even in Melbourne, Penn told media that as the connectivity piece itself drives a host of technology innovations, the enterprise side of business will be clamouring for more capacity, volume and connectivity.

“Of course, for Telstra, [the] strategy has always been as well to see how we can create value, not just from the connectivity, but from the application and services that are enabled by the connectivity,” Penn said.

Penn emphasised that while Telstra had been cultivating this particular enterprise focus quite successfully to date, associated opportunities to push ahead along this track once the commercial 5G deployment got underway would be even greater.

“We need to think about how do we achieve that on the small-medium business side, and also into consumer as well; I think that would be an opportunity,” he said.

But I mean the 5G business case stands up on its own, just to meet the demand and growth for data that is coming forward in the future,” Penn continued. “And if you if you do the math and you multiply out 40% growth per annum for the next four or five years, you rapidly get to four or five times the volume of data in the future that we’ve got to build the capacity for.”

“5G will deliver that capacity at a lower cost per byte of data, and so it will be far more efficient than continuing to build capacity in 4G,” said Penn.

Richard van der Draay was in Melbourne as a guest of Telstra

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