Sky and Space Global has completed the Critical Design Review of the Pearls satellite, enabling the company to forge ahead with assembly and integration of the nanosatellite network.

The CDR process was undertaken by global aerospace construction partner GomSpace, a European based, Nasdaq listed contractor, specializing in the construction and testing of bespoke nano-satellites.

SAS is planning to deploy a constellation of 200 nano-satellites over the Equatorial Belt, to provide around the clock affordable voice, data, instant messaging, M2M and IoT comms. The idea is to allow SAS to implement its vision to deliver communication services to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

In addition, SAS said its services will offer the equatorial region a range of life saving and other key services, including search and rescue, disaster management, emergency response, security alarms and recreational tracking.

“This is in addition to many other services including cellphone applications, offshore communications, smart farming, interactive TV, airplane, vessel and animal tracking, water and electric metering, grid monitoring and ATM,” said SAS.

Once construction and integration are complete, the nano-satellites will then pass through additional technical assessments and testing including a final acceptance test before launch.