Sky and Space Global has reached a key operational landmark by winning a Research and Development grant from the Polish government and the EU.

“Research is the lifeblood of innovation and I am very proud we are part of a team that will take space technology to the next level,” said the company’s MD and CEO Meir Moalem.

“We have also signed a number of MoU agreements. The SAS team continues to work extremely hard to enhance our global exposure and build on our relationships as we head into the final quarter of 2018. All of the binding agreements signed recently include commercial terms and will be transformed to full commercial contracts.”

SAS was awarded a 1.25m Polish Zloti (~A$500k) R&D grant by the Polish Government to initiate a project into M2M device and smart grid innovation.&

SAS said it will use the funds for the creation of a R & and Development Center in Poland, and for the purchase of equipment to initiate a full scale industrial research project into the innovation of M2M devices and smart grids via the SAS nano-satellite constellation.

“The project will be established in collaboration with the Faculty of Electronics at the Wroclaw University of Technology – Poland,” it added.

The R&D project will support the SAS business model and be dedicated to working with operators in remote geographies in Africa and South America where conventional connectivity services are limited and very costly.

The project is set to innovate and disrupt the M2M and smart grid market by giving network operators in remote locations easier access to telecommunication connectivity allowing for easier aggregation of service offerings and effective network monitoring.

Five new binding MoU agreements signed with strategic telco partners

SAS also said has dedicated significant resources into the development of its proprietary software to ensure it remains ahead of the technological curve when presenting and demonstrating its capabilities to global telecoms providers.

It has secured  binding MoU agreements with the following telco operators:

Briskcom Business Technology – a Brazilian satellite telecommunications solutions company, active since 2003 and concentrated primarily on the energy sector.

SkyX – a Canadian data acquisition company that designs, builds, programs and remotely operates autonomous vehicles for its large number of clients.

Penteon, a globally focussed IoT engineering firm with over 150 years of technology and aerospace industry experience, and  
Surge Telecom, a start-up headquartered in Jamaica which provides specialised wireless telecommunications services throughout the Latin American and Caribbean regions.