Seaborn Networks to target Brazil, US markets with new IP & Ethernet suite

Seaborn Networks has unveiled a new IP and Ethernet Service offering, aimed at dramatically growing demand for rapidly deployed, stable Ethernet & IP links between North and South America.
The firm – whose Seabras-1 submarine cable system offers the only direct POP to POP route between São Paulo, Brazil and New York City – said it’s now poised to launch an end-to-end software-defined networking orchestration platform, allowing services to be delivered in real time.
Its IP Service offerings will include IP Transit, Remote Peering, Cloud Connect and Dedicated Internet Access capabilities, delivered under a minimal commitment with the option to access additional bandwidth on a pay-as-you-use basis.
Specifically, Seaborn’s Ethernet Service offerings comprise E-Line, E-LAN and E-Tree capabilities including protected service depending on the Class of Service (CoS) selected, with primary service-level agreements offered on the full range of IP and Ethernet services.
“In today’s fast paced, highly complex communications environment, businesses and network operators demand fast, secure data connectivity between multiple domestic and global locations,” said Seaborn CEO Larry Schwartz.
“We ensure that our customers have the necessary, cost effective and secure high-bandwidth solutions to compete in today’s connected world,” he said.
“By combining rapid service deployment within days with the operational control of our fully owned and managed Seabras-1 subsea system, [we are] able to directly control all aspects and layers of the network, thus ensuring unbeatable quality of service throughout the lifecycle of the services,” Schwartz added.

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