Seaborn Networks has established an interconnection to datacenter neutral internet exhange specialist DE-CIX New York, enabling turn-key direct access to some 200 US networks for its South American customers using its Seabras-1 low latency submarine cable system between Brazil and the US.

In addition, Seaborn said the move allowed customers on Seabras-1 to gain access to DE-CIX Frankfurt via its GlobePEER Remote service. GlobePEER Remote provides VLAN connectivity from DE-CIX New York enabling companies to peer with networks connected to DE-CIX Frankfurt and Marseille as well as Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf and Istanbul reaching more than 1,000 European-Asian-African networks.

“This partnership with DE-CIX provides Brazil’s IP networks with one-stop-shop, remote IPX access to DE-CIX’s most compelling interconnect locations, leveraging the scale and agility of Seaborn’s Seabras-1 system,” said SEABORN CEO Larry Schwartz.  “In this new arrangement, Seaborn is pleased to continue supporting the global expansion initiatives of Brazil’s ISP community.”

Seaborn said Seabras-1 was built to avoid ‘hurricane alley’ which means the delivery is less vulnerable to disruption from hurricanes and other disruptions. “100% Brazilian underground backhaul means a more resilient more reliable delivery of service with fewer outages,” it added.

“This inter-connection means a significant lower latency to and from Brazil for all DE-CIX customers (850+ ISPs) and for Seaborn’s new and existing Brazil customers wanting to send traffic to the USA and potentially onwards via DE-CIX exchanges to Europe,” a Seaborn Networks spokesperson told Telecom Times.

“DE-CIX is the largest exchange point worldwide with 11 exchange points. This means lower charges to the Brazilian market for transport costs to any DE-CIX customer globally versus having to go off net,” the spokesperson added. “DE-CIX customers will benefit from having their data travel on a system that is owned and operated independently by Seaborn. This means not subject to consortium or big OTT system pricing and service.”