Seaborn marks 1yr anniversary of US-Brazil’s sub link RFS

Boston-based developer-owner-operator of independent submarine fiber optic cable systems Seaborn Networks is celebrating the first year anniversary of its US-Brazil Seabras-1 submarine cable system’s ready-for-service date.

Launched in Seaborn Networks is a leading developer-owner-operator of submarine fiber optic cable systems, including Seabras-1 between São Paulo – New York, ARBR between São Paulo – Buenos Aires (RFS 2019) and SABR between Brazil – Cape Town, South Africa (RFS 2020)

With its dedicated Engineering and Operations teams driving a focus around subsea cable service and delivery never before seen in the region, Seaborn said its precedent-setting approach to customer service had impacted in a number of ways, including:

First ultra-low latency subsea route designed from the ground up for international financial markets (and still the fastest path between B3 and Carteret);

First submarine cable operator to measure the time from order to circuit activation in hours, not days or months (with mean time from order to activation being less than 24 hours);

All-underground backhaul and metro fiber in Brazil from cable landing station to POPs;

Uniquely proactive direct customer interface between customers and Seaborn’s proprietary NOC;

Proprietary SeaCloud offerings for pay-as-you grow bandwidth models;
The most subsea-centric business model in LatAm markets; and
Industry-leading system uptime.

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