Some ten Australian federal and state government agencies have switched their enterprise software support from Oracle and SAP to Las Vegas based software support specialist Rimini Street.

“This has meant savings of up to 90% per organisation, straight back into taxpayers’ pockets,” a spokesperson for Rimini Street said. The agencies that have made this move include: NSW Department of Family and Community Services; Victorian Government Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources; Australian Hearing; and Open Universities Australia.

“By changing to third-party support, these departments have unlocked substantial funds and have freed up internal resources that can be redirected to innovation initiatives and high-value projects within their organisations,” Rimini Street said.

“Every year, the federal, state and local levels of Australian Government spend hundreds of millions of dollars on their SAP and Oracle maintenance. The vendors’ typical profit margin for annual software maintenance is around 90% and very little of the underlying service is actually provided from within Australia,” said Rimini Street APAC general manager Andrew Powell.

“Thankfully these government organisations now have a proven alternative for their enterprise software maintenance,” Powell added. The introduction of stiff competition in this market will drive huge savings across the Australian government, and gives these organisations back the control of their IT roadmaps to ensure they are now business-driven focused, versus dictated to them by the vendor. That is a good thing for all Australians, in fact, it’s a game changer.”


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