San Francisco based digital operations management firm PagerDuty has expanded its platform in a bid to make it easier for organisations to choose products and plans on the basis of their current and future digital  operations requirements.
The firm – which made the announcement at its annual summit – said its platform’s modularity allowed business and technical decision makers to adopt real-time operations functionality and align with customers’ consumption preferences regardless of organization size or maturity.
“Our customers are accelerating their adoption of PagerDuty across a broad range of use cases, from DevOps and ITOps, to Security and Support,” said PagerDuty CEO Jennifer Tejada. “Our goal with the new modular platform is to reduce friction and make it even easier for customers of all sizes to take advantage of PagerDuty and rapidly realize business value.”
“In an era where digital transformation is disrupting every industry and consumer expectations are at an all-time high, business leaders are realizing that this always-on culture introduces growing challenges to the digital workforce,” the firm said.
“PagerDuty has expanded from a single product offering to a multi-product portfolio, providing companies the opportunity to choose products that enable them to go from responsive, to proactive and, ultimately, to predictive digital operations,” it added.

Companies can now choose from the following product plans depending on their level of digital maturity:

  • Platform Team – Designed for customers that want to deploy PagerDuty to a single team within the organization.
  • Platform Business – Designed for customers that want to scale PagerDuty to multiple teams across the organization and who require increased security, availability, and scalability.
  • Enterprise – Designed for customers who are further along in their digital maturity journey.

All options of the platform – which is available today – feature the key on-call

management and notification capabilities that customers worldwide rely on to support their digital operations. PagerDuty Modern Incident Response, PagerDuty Event Intelligence, and PagerDuty Visibility are already included in the Enterprise plan and are available to add to Platform Team and Platform Business plans. PagerDuty Analytics is available to add to any of these plans.

In addition, the firm also launched two new additions to the expanded platform: PagerDuty Visibility and PagerDuty Analytics. PagerDuty Visibility provides IT leaders, technical responders, and business owners a shared, real-time view into operational health and business impact.

Meanwhile, PagerDuty Analytics gives modern operational insights to business and operational leaders by combining machine and human response data with domain expertise to improve business outcomes. To learn more about PagerDuty Visibility, visit here, and to learn more about PagerDuty Analytics, visit here.
For more information, visit the PagerDuty platform page here.