Orange Spain, Huawei unveil joint 5G-oriented antenna suite

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By David Morelo, Europe Correspondent

Orange Spain and Huawei have released their jointly developed 5G-oriented antenna products, which the firms said will soon provide 5G-oriented evolution capabilities for the Spanish division of the operator. 

Launched during

the 7th Global Antenna Technology & Industry Forum in Madrid, the antenna products were designed for the 1+1 SBS (passive and Massive MIMO antennas deployed on two poles) and 1+1=1 (integrated deployment on a single pole) deployment scenarios.

“They include the industrys first 9-frequency 18-port antenna released by Huawei, which is used as the passive antenna and supports 4T4R on sub-3 GHz bands,” added Orange Spain. “A Massive MIMO antenna is used for deployment in the C-band.”

According to Huawei, one passive antenna is required to incorporate functions of all antennas on the live network in the 5G era.

The company believes that its 1+1 antenna modernization concept, first announced in February in the runup to MWC 2018, will meet the diverse needs of different telecom carriers as they evolve their networks and quickly build out for 5G.

“This helps operators overcome 5G network deployment difficulties and facilitates their business success,” said Zhang Jiayi, president of Huawei Antenna Business Unit.

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