“We wanted to give Aussies a glimpse of what our 5G Reno smartphone is capable of. So we launched our own 5G Hotel! We will be donating the proceeds to charity too,” said OPPO Australia MD Michael Tran.

“5G marks a new era of connectivity that is set to revolutionise the way we use our smartphones and connected devices. Like any new technology, it’s about evolution, and we can expect to see more new applications utilising the power of AR, VR, AI as well as a greater focus on mobile gaming to provide new, exciting innovations,” Tran said.

“We know Aussies are excited for the arrival of 5G, so we’ve built the ultimate live-in experience for consumers to be able to fully immerse themselves in the advancements and innovations that come with the network. We look forward to customers experiencing our innovative 5G powered smart hotel and see the real-life benefits of the new network,” he added.