Nutanix has made its certified Kubernetes container service, Karbon, available in Australia and New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand MD director Jamie Humphrey said as ANZ is more virtualised than its global peer, it has become imperative to modernise and simplify applications through containers here.

“The need to modernise and simplify applications and developing the right cloud experience is greater here than our global peers,” said Humphrey.  “As enterprises continue to seek new ways of redefining their business – while keeping control of choice – container services such as Kubernetes will become even more vital.”

Karbon is part of the Nutanix Cloud Native stack, featuring production-ready Kubernetes, persistence for Kubernetes applications, observability and monitoring for dynamic containers, and managed databases.

According to IDC, the container infrastructure software market is forecasted to grow from $131.1 million in 2017 to $1.55 billion in 2022, with most of the growth coming from on-premises deployments.

Humphries said that while much of the adoption to date has been with web-scale companies, it is now beginning to expand into enterprises.

“Enterprises are just beginning to learn the technologies and change how they approach development and operations,” he said. “Most enterprises are in research and experimentation mode, with only a very small elite segment having any real experience or deployments of containers today.”