Nutanix nabs data analytics deal with WA legal firm Jackson McDonald

Nutanix has won a major contract with Australian independent law firm Jackson McDonald, under which it will deliver a suite of data analytics services to ease the Perth-based firm’s migration towards hybrid cloud using the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS.

Jackson McDonald is Western Australia’s largest independent law firm, with some 200 staff including more than 110 lawyers. It targets multi-national corporations, mining and resources groups, financial institutions, developers, universities and government agencies.

“The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software has given us the capability to launch data analytics services,” said Asfar Sadewa, IT Manager, Jackson McDonald. “For example, our DevOps team has launched a new HR information system that compiles and analyses data from a variety of sources to give us a more effective hiring process.

“We’ve also created a data warehouse that can crunch data such as profitability over many years in a raw form to provide vital information to help the board make informed business decisions,” added Sadewa.” We simply couldn’t develop these kinds of resources with our old environment.”

In addition, Nutanix has enabled the firm to launch a client login platform that facilitates collaboration between clients and legal teams in a more structured way. “The platform is a new digital workspace that encompasses audio, video and messaging to enable better and more regular communication for all clients,” said Jackson McDonald.

Sadewa also points towards an increase in morale among the team since the deployment. “Our IT teams are genuinely happier – they’re not fighting fires, staying late or over the weekends to fix bugs and outages. They’re having fun, learning more and their roles have expanded into new areas.”

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