NEXTDC has flagged that Brisbane-based network provider Superloop will connect the new INDIGO subsea cable system to NEXTDC’s data centres in Perth and Sydney.

NEXTDC said its Sydney customers will be amongst the first to benefit from Asia-Pacific’s shortest submarine cable route between Sydney and Singapore by utilising the INDIGO Central and INDIGO West cables for a path that is some 4,000 thousand kilometres shorter than the next shortest submarine path.

NEXTDC CEO Craig Scroggie

“NEXTDC’s customers want to design their networks, applications and service delivery capabilities using world-class services and direct access to the fastest, most diverse connections available,” said NEXTDC CEO Craig Scroggie.

“Having Indigo as our first P2 customer underlines the ever-increasing importance of cloud-to-cloud connectivity, whether national or international, and supports Perth’s acceleration towards a cloud-based economy.”

The Indigo subsea cable will connect Singapore, Indonesia and Australia, providing significantly lower latency and greater reliability using the shortest subsea links between Australia and fast growing South East Asian markets, enabling speeds exceeding 36 terabits per second.

The INDIGO cable stretches 9,200km between Singapore and Perth via Jakarta and onwards to Sydney and will be built by INDIGO consortium members AARnet, Google, Indosat, Singtel, SubPartners, and Telstra. Superloop acquired the cable’s construction firm SubPartners in 2017.

Superloop will provide NEXTDC with optical layer connectivity to INDIGO at both NEXTDC’s Tier III certified Perth P1 and S1 data centres, as well as their upcoming high capacity, energy efficient, Tier IV designed data centres P2 and S2. Superloop will also be the inaugural customer at NEXTDC’s new world class 20MW P2 Tier IV data centre currently under development in East Perth.

The connections will go live with INDIGO’s expected ‘ready for service’ date in the first half of 2019, when the consortium will light up two fibre optical pairs with a minimum capacity of 18 terabits per second each, enabling 36 terabit speeds.

The INDIGO Central link connects Perth to Sydney via a subsea cable outside the Great Australian Bight, while the INDIGO West connects Perth to Singapore via Jakarta.