US application-specific networking firm NetFoundry has teamed with Dubai-based specialized managed services provider BalanceOn in a bid to expand its networking suite into the Middle East and Africa region.

The firms will collaborate to provide what they billed as a raft of secure and cost-sensitive, smart connectivity services to enable their customers to become cloud-native and digital.

“Together we are bringing a leap in connectivity, security and technology across the Middle East and Africa,” said Michael Kochanik, Global Head of Revenue and Alliances at NetFoundry.

BalanceOn said it had found that a growing number of customers face business challenges due to connectivity and connecting distributed apps synonymous with digital transformation – e.g. multi, hybrid and cloud-native apps, internet-distributed apps (IoT) and B2B or connected supply chain.

“The problem is that while legacy networking is fine for legacy use cases, it was not built to effectively deliver these “agile” applications across “hybrid” topologies,” BalanceOn added. “Legacy WAN and internet for distributed apps blocks innovation and the business benefits from a variety of issues including long timelines to implement, proprietory hardware, complex and error-prone architectures, compromised performance, increased ‘attack surfaces’ and risk, incompatible with DevOps and “infrastructure as code” as well as potentially higher than expected costs.”