NBN leads punters through preferred speed connection options

Most Australians don’t understand how to  select the appropriate broadband speed for their households’ needs, according to new data released NBN Co, the company deploying the Australian national  broadband network.

The NBN Co commissioned research found that while 76 percent of respondents were aware of the range of speed tiers on offer when ordering a plan on the broadband access network, 66 percent didn’t know how to choose a plan based on their households internet usage.

NBN Co has now launched a new public information campaign to help people select the right broadband speed tier and to understand some other factors that can affect their experience.

It will target Australians who can now connect to services over the NBN access network as well as those already connected, reminding them to speak with their phone and internet provider and ensurig they are on the right speed plan to suit their internet usage.

The nationwide three-step campaign – ‘Check, Select, Connect’ – will run across TV, print and digital media to encourage Australians with the aim of:

Checking – their internet usage habits and the number of devices connected during peak usage times between 7pm and 11pm.

Selecting – the right speed plan for their household’s needs with an internet provider.

Connecting– the right Wi-Fi router/modem in the right place and contact their provider to get help with any further in-home set up.




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