Purpose-built National Broadband Network ISP MyRepublic has unveiled a new promotional plan, targeting consumers wanting unlimited data and superfast speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

“Some industry leaders have said our country does not want fast internet, which is blatantly not true,” said MyRepublic MD Nicholas Demos. “We are happy that the nbn™ has finally recognised that Australians want super-fast internet and we are delighted to provide the premium plans  at a reasonable price to facilitate just that.”

From today and for a limited time, the provider will be discounting the 100Mbps plan by $10 per month for 12 months. This means, MyRepublic added, that new customers will pay $79.95 per month to access the premium speed tier, with unlimited data and home phone calling included.

In late 2016, MyRepublic launched in Australia with the first unlimited data plans up to the 100 Mbps speed tier. In 2018, the ISP adapted its focus to promoting plans utilising the 50Mbps speed tier as NBN Co pushed the 50 Mbps speed tier rather than the 100 Mbps option.

“The latest promotion is a fantastic recognition from NBN that Australians are desperate for faster internet and it allows [us] to provide pricing that will enable new customers to enjoy the unlimited potential of the premium 100Mbps speed tier,” Demos said.