NBN Co to offer new business-grade wholesale discounts

Discount bundles to deliver improved experience for businesses

NBN Co is set to introduce new wholesale discount bundles over its fixed line NBN  access network to help improve customer experience and better meet the demands of Australian businesses.

With its new ‘business NBN’ service, the company will for the first time combine access to high speeds, committed bandwidth and premium service levels in a discounted charge in a move designed to deliver significant savings for retail providers.

Paul-Tyler-bio.jpg.thumb.1440.2560“We recognise some businesses are on NBN powered plans that have not been optimised for their needs,” said NBN Co Chief Customer Officer for Business Paul Tyler.

“Businesses should speak to their service provider about whether they require high-speeds for cloud applications, committed and symmetrical information rates for audio and video conferencing or increased service assurance for business-critical applications.”

The bundles will include:

  • Wholesale speeds of 50/20Mbps* optimised for smaller businesses;
  • Wholesale speeds of 100/40Mbps* with support for multiple phone lines for medium-sized businesses;
  • Wholesale symmetrical committed speeds of 20/20Mbps and a 100/40Mbps peak information rate**; and
  • Wholesale symmetrical committed speeds of 50/50Mbps and a 250/100Mbps peak information rate for data-intensive and multi-site organisations**.

Each discount bundle option will include a minimum 12 hour enhanced service level agreement with 24/7 support between NBN Co and retailer, as well as bandwidth which incrementally increases with higher bundles.

The company is currently working with industry to implement the discounts, with the aim of releasing them on its fixed line network to service providers from early 2019.

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