NBN Co cuts ribbon on new Melbourne business operations centre

NBN Co has unveiled a new Business Operations Centre in Melbourne’s Docklands as part of an ongoing dive to improve the experience of Australian businesses on the NBN      nbn™ broadband access network.

NBN Co said the new centre was designed to be a single point of contact for phone and internet providers to support businesses connecting to network successful completion of industry trials undertaken by NBN Co designed to improve the installation process and its ability to resolve faults for businesses on the network.

As a result, the company’s dedicated business division will progressively introduce new service capabilities in the coming monthso=incle such as:

  • Premium appointments: businesses will be able to select a specific appointment time through their internet provider based on their hours of operation, which aims to increase certainty and reduce disruption to their operations and customers.
  • Business-grade workforce training: specialist business-grade technicians will be trained and upskilled to work in complex commercial premises to help improve ‘right the first time’ installations of nbn™ equipment and the restoration of business services when faults occur on the nbn™ access network.
  • Enterprise service-delivery management: multi-site migrations to the nbn™ access network will be simplified for businesses by bringing together the business end customer, relevant internet provider and NBN Co to plan and deliver a coordinated migration plan.

NBN Co’s Chief Customer Officer for Business, Paul Tyler said:
“The launch of our new Business Operations Centre and improved service offering further demonstrates our commitment to working alongside the industry to help lift the customer experience for businesses on the nbn™ access network.

“We recognise many businesses have mission-critical data requirements, which is why we currently offer enhanced service levels to ensure we can support internet providers to address faults quicker and keep operations running smoothly – our new service enhancements will further increase our ability to deliver a good outcome for businesses on the network,” said NBN Co chief customer officer for business Paul Tyler. 

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