Motorola supports Australian first responders’ mental health with Fortem

Motorola Solutions has joined Fortem Australia, a new community-based organisation which focuses on the health and wellbeing of the nation’s 300,000+ first responders.

Fortem’s aim is to establish itself as a specialised, organisation dealing with the health and wellbeing of frontline workers who face confronting situations in their daily work-life.

“Having worked closely with Australia’s emergency services over the past 50 years, Motorola Solutions understands the significant pressure that first responders face in protecting our communities every day,” said Steve Crutchfield, Vice President and Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, Motorola Solutions.

“We are delighted to join Fortem Australia in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of first responders who do all they can to keep us safe, even when that means dealing with traumatic events that most of us never have to face.”

Initiatives proposed in relation to the launch of Fortem include:

  • A$1.88 million over two years to Fortem Australia to improve health and wellbeing of emergency service workers and meet the needs of individuals and families from early intervention to crisis support.
  • A$750,000 over one year to the National Police Memorial Co to educate and build resilience in all law enforcement agencies in the areas of social, emotional and psychological health.
  • A$648,996 over two years to the Australian Federal Police for development of new mental health policies and health standards.

The Fortem launch was announced by Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton as part of a A$6 million mental health support package.

“Police, fire and ambulance officers, paramedics and volunteers in organisations like the SES that have to deal firsthand with the accidents, crime and crisis incidents on a daily basis. It can take a toll,” he said. “They are there 24/7 working to help and keep us as individuals and a community safe. We rely on them.”

“We must do all we can to help them in their jobs, and importantly, to lead happy and healthy lives,” said Dutton.





Video of the Minister’s announcement is available HERE



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