MEF kicks off MEF18 Proof of Concept Showcase call for proposals

MEF has opened the call for proposals for its fifth annual Proof of Concept, which the organization tipped as is the centerpiece of the MEF18 global networking event, held 29 October – 2 November 2018 at JW Marriott LA LIVE, in Los Angeles, California.

This year’s PoC Showcase will feature some 16 live demonstrations featuring innovative communications service providers and technology vendors. “The Showcase will provide valuable insight into how agile, assured, and orchestrated services can be delivered across automated, virtualized, and interconnected networks in accordance with the MEF 3.0 framework.”

Earlier this month, MEF announced that the MEF 3.0 Transformational Global Services Framework has achieved a significant milestone with the publication of two new specifications advancing the orchestration of MEF 3.0 connectivity services over multiple network technology domains.

The new standards – the Network Resource Management: Information Model (MEF 59) and Network Resource Provisioning: Interface Profile Specification (MEF 60) – were developed within MEF’s LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) Reference Architecture.

MEF, which bills itself as the driving force enabling agile, assured, and orchestrated communications services across a global ecosystem of automated networks, spruiked the PoC Showcase as a key opportunity for service providers and technology suppliers to collaborate on new approaches for delivering the industry’s most advanced services.

Nan-Chen “We are excited that this year’s Showcase will feature two types of PoC demonstrations: those proposed specifically for MEF18 that spotlight highly differentiated commercial solutions as in past years and – for the first time – demonstrations of MEF 3.0 implementation projects driven by MEF members,” said MEF CTO Pascal Menezes.

“Each year, the PoC Showcase plays an instrumental role in highlighting the impactful achievements of our members over the past 12 months,” .added Menezes.

“We are eager to share the latest advancements on the transformational journey to enable cloud-like network services over automated and interconnected networks powered by LSO, SDN, and NFV.”



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