LogMeIn flags focus on eliminating friction at all levels

Remote access software maker LogMeIn chief executive Bill Wagner said the company is on a mission to eliminate friction, whether it be between employees trying to connect with a company or with other employees.

“We’re living in that world where there’s way too much friction. There’s no reason to enter a code, or why you shouldn’t walk into a meeting room and you’re carrying your smartphone… and all that knowledge from that meeting goes through the ethernet to your email,” Wagner told Telecom Times during his recent visit to Sydney.

The other area of focus for the company will be on delivering greater engagement and support through its AI-powered Bold360 customer relationship management suite.

The concept, according to Wagner, is to eventually allow businesses to transform their customer service representatives into roles for higher levels of customer engagement, instead of answering frequently asked questions, which can be handled by an intelligent chatbot.

He pointed to an example of how one healthcare provider is looking to change its customer service representatives into “healthcare consultants and go deep into issues of mental health where they can provide advice instead of a personal FAQ”.

The final area LogMeIn plans to grow its business is in the password management space with its LastPass product. Currently, Australia is the fourth largest market in the world for the company’s LastPass product.

“It’s really around how do I simplify the remote access to the cloud and remove the need for a million password?” Wagner said.

The focus for the cloud computing firm comes as it opens up its newest Sydney headquarters, which nearly doubles the firm’s footprint in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Sydney is our fastest growing market in the region that’s why we’re fortunate to see the office expanded,” Wagner said.


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